A Call to Action Webinar Series

IPRA is pleased to offer "A Call to Action", a 4 part webinar series for our members. This series features Jamie Sabbach, President & CEO of 110% Inc. and Amilia Consulting USA.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 : 2:30 PM | Understand your fiscal reality
Tuesday, April 21, 2020 : 2:30 PM | Don't wait to collaborate
Thursday, April 23, 2020 : 2:30 PM | Be aware
Tuesday, April 28, 2020 : 2:30 PM | Reductionism & revenue

Why do we avoid addressing vital issues when we know the consequences of inaction? For example, choosing not to exercise leads to declines in our personal fitness levels, and in an extreme scenario, being ill-prepared for a global pandemic leads to health and economic catastrophe.

Having served as a public park and recreation administrator when the last recession hit, I can empathize, to some degree, with what those of you practicing in the field are facing right now. Managing immediate challenges like securing staff and public safety, facility and park closures, and other “boots on the ground” issues are top of mind and rightly so. However, effectively rebounding from this global pandemic and subsequent economic crisis will require advanced thinking and exceptional effort.

We need to get to work today on the critical issues that will make or break systems across the country. Ultimately, people will expect activities to start again and facilities to re-open, however, many agencies will have to manage the aftermath of this current crisis with less or in some cases, finite human and financial resources. This will require being smart with what we have rather than storytelling with hopes of getting more of what does not exist.

And likely we will begin to see the re-distribution of financial resources to emergency response services like police, fire and even health and human services in municipalities with the potential that there may be interest in scrutinizing special district funding. If this happens it will further provoke conversation about the essential or non-essential nature of parks and recreation.

This will leave public parks and recreation in a position to have to think bigger, more boldly and focus on what is mission critical. Where to begin? Here are a few suggestions.

Jamie Sabbach is President & CEO of 110% Inc. and Amilia Consulting USA. For information about this paper contact jsabbach@110percent.net