We’re navigating in uncharted territory right now with quarantines, social distancing and many other challenges created by the current virus outbreak. We’ve received a lot of questions about best practices for everything from sanitizing playground equipment to communicating new policies to the public. While we don’t have all the answers, we see real benefit from IPRA members having the opportunity for an open discussion on how they are coping with this outbreak in their community and sharing concerns or seeking input from other parks professionals.

IPRA will host a virtual “Town Hall” for our members once a month. Participation is limited to IPRA members and each registrant is asked to submit at least one question they’d like to pose to the group. This will be a facilitated discussion amongst members as opposed to an “ask the expert” session. For questions that need an expert answer, we will compile those and attempt to find information that can be shared with the group as a follow up in an online discussion group.

The IPRA staff and board are working to support members in any way possible. Don’t forget to regularly check the COVID-19 Resource Page and join the COVID-19 discussion group on IPRAConnect.org. If you haven’t set up your IPRAConnect.org account, contact courtnie@inpra.org for assistance.

Log-in instructions will be sent to registrants prior to the event and posted on the IPRA Member Connection page on IPRAConnect.