YMCA Sending Kids to Crosley for Kids Camp

The YMCA will be taking donations at the 2020 IPRA Conference in Muncie, IN to send kids to camp at Crosley. Below is a list of possible items to donate. All donations are greatly appreciated.

- Body & Hair Wash

- Toothbrush/Toothpaste

- Sunscreen

- Bug Spray

- Water Bottle

- Spiral Notebook/Pen/Pencil

- Drawstring Backpack

- Money for the Camp Store

- Sleeping Bag

- Pillow/Pillow Case

- One Bath Towel and Sponge

- One Beach Towel

- Flashlight/Batteries

- Shower Caddy

YWCA- To Provide a Safe Haven for Women and Children

The YWCA will also be collecting donations for the women and children of their facilities. Below is a list of possible items to donate. Again, all donations are greatly appreciated.

- Any toiletries

- Feminine hygiene products

- Hair care items for African- Americans

- Dry goods like: any canned goods, pasta, macaroni & cheese

To read more about the YWCA and their mission click the link here:

Thank you for your support!