2022 Education Sessions

Thank you to everyone that attended the 2022 Conference & Expo!


Tuesday Sessions | November 15, 2022

Session Group 1 | 2:00PM - 3:15PM

1A. Building Political Capital in Your Community

1B. Moving from a Municipal to an Enterprise Mindset

1C. Start to Finish Fun Runs to Endurance & Multi-Sport Events

1D. Safety and Maintenance Considerations for Successful Splashpad Design

1E. Hoosier Wanderer: Building for Adventure

1F. Innovation is Invitation: Defining What’s Next in Inclusive Play

1G. Bringing the Drama: The Story of the Taggart Memorial Amphitheater at Riverside Regional Park

Session Group 2 | 3:30PM - 4:45PM

2A. Recruitment and Retention – Today and Tomorrow’s Challenge

2B. Building Community Through Park and Library Partnerships

2C. Breaking Down the Barriers: Creating Sensory-Rich Play Experiences for all Children!

2D. Teaching Your Team to Operate with Intent

2E. The Foraging Frenzy: Eds and Meds

2F. Inclusive Leadership

2G. Sports Lighting: Answers to 9 Common Questions

Wednesday Sessions | November 16, 2022

Session Group 3 | 10:30AM - 11:45AM

3A. Your Team is not as Messed up as you Think: Lessons from the Titans

3B. From Pandemic to Sansdemic - Strategies to Attract and Retain a Vanishing Workforce

3C. Top 20 Benefits of Connecting with American Camp Association

3D. MINI Session: Embrace Empathy: A study from the Great Resignation

3E. MINI Session: Go with The Flow - Fundraising for Your Waterways

3F. Native Habitat Creation, Restoration and Maintenance

3G. Promoting Wellness in the Parks: Suicide Prevention Strategies for the Military-Connected Population and Beyond

3H. Designing Fitness Focused Playgrounds

Session Group 4 | 1:00PM - 2:15PM

4A. Ditch Your Management Style (And Adopt a Leadership Philosophy)

4B. TIF Funding – What it is and how to get it

4C. A Day in the Life of Camp!

4D. Elevate Your Exposure

4E. Trends in Trail Design and Programming

4F. IPRA Social Equity Series - Session 3: Microaggression

4G. Construction Delivery Models for Parks and Recreation Projects

Session Group 5 | 2:30PM - 3:45PM

5A. Partnering with Community Groups

5B. The Power of Public-Private Partnerships: Holliday Park Foundation and Indy Parks

5C. The Bee’s Knees: Reimagining Legacy Parks as Multi-Purpose Habitats

5D. Parks for all to Enjoy, Applying Inclusivity to Aquatic Park Design

5E. Successful Athletic Fields – The Pros & Cons of Natural and Synthetic Surfaces

5F. IPRA Social Equity Series - What's Next?

5G. Integrating Facility Design and Operations & Maintenance

Thursday Sessions | November 17, 2022

Session Group 6 | 9:00AM - 10:15AM

6A. “Eat the Frog”: How to Have Tough Conversations to Solve Conflict with Staff Members

6B. Engaging Through Respect

6C. Strategic Approach to Contract Instructor Classes

6D. Creating Welcoming Spaces for Gender-Diverse Kiddos (and Co-Workers Too)

6E. Project Learning Tree, Project WET, Project WILD 101

6F. Dog Parks – Best Practices for the Best Results

6G. It's a real job! Selling the career path of parks and recreation to Gen Z

Session Group 7 | 10:30AM - 11:45AM

7A. Revenue Generation for Parks and Recreation

7B. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

7C. Fostering a Sense of Connection to Nature at Summer Camp

7D. Summer Aquatics Strategies & Best Practices

7E. Invasive Plant Management in Indiana

7F. Play Hard, Breathe Easy: Tobacco and Vape Free Parks and Recreation

7G. Entering the Field of Parks and Rec

Session Group 8 | 1:30PM - 2:45PM

8A. Celebrate Your “Why”

8B. The Park Autism Research Knowledge Synthesis (PARKS) Project, Phase 1: Knowing What We Don't Know

8C. Tactical Urbanism as a Tool for Community Engagement and Park Activation

8D. Diversity Leadership Academy: Enhancing Your ERG and Diversity Council Effectiveness

8E. History of Trail Development in Indiana

8F. Creating the Buzz for Parks and Recreation

8G. Making Ecotherapy Accessible to all From Public Parks to College Campuses