IPRA will be using this page to share important resources addressing the COVID-19 virus and its impact on our parks & recreation programs, predominantly the professionals and participants that make up our wonderful, active communities.

We are continuing to monitor the situation in order to provide the best guidance possible for all of our members. We will be following all information and best practices put forth by public health authorities such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), American Public Health Association (APHA), and the Indiana State Department of Public Health (ISDH), as well as parks and recreation specific information shared by the NRPA.

Join us on IPRAConnect to discuss COVID-19. We have created a group dedicated to COVID-19.

Park Agencies Shared Information or Resources
Carmel Clay Parks Reopen Plan Plainfield Parks Reopen Plan
Valpo Parks Reopen Plan Mooresville Parks Reopen Plan
Elkhart County Parks Social Distance Sign Fort Wayne Parks Reopen Plan
Danville Parks Reopen Plan LaPorte County Liability Waiver
Baby Ruth League Liability Waiver SAY Soccer Waiver
Hammond Parks Social Dist. Sign USA Softball Liability Waiver
COVID-19 Waivers Examples Carmel-Clay Waiver
Franklin Parks COVID-19 Sign

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources:

Newest COVID-19 Information -

Guidance for Operating Youth and Summer Camps During COVID-19 - UPDATED 4/24/2021

Indiana Executive Orders-

To View All Indiana Executive Orders

Indiana Back on Track update Chart

Excerpts from Indiana Executive Order 20-28

Indiana Back on Track - Road Map to Safely Reopen Indiana

IN Back on Track: Stage 3

IN Back on Track: Stage 4

IN Back on Track: Stage 5

Our Principles to Get Back on Track

Our Back on Track Engine

Industry Guidelines

Indiana State Department of Health

Answer the Call - Contact Tracing Information

11/23 - Hamilton County to implement its own set of COVID-19 restrictions

New Restrictions Ordered by Governor 11/11

Holiday Guidance for Residents of Long-term Care Facilities and Residents’ Families and Representatives

COVID-19: When a student, faculty or staff member can return to school (updated 8/27/20)

Parent COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool (English) (updated 8/27/20)

COVID-19 Screening Decision Tree (updated 8/27/20)

Quarantine guidance for families (updated 8/26/20)

Quarantine guidance for Higher Education (updated 8/26/20)

Preparation for a COVID-19 Positive Student/Staff: K-12 Schools (updated 8/17/20)

Cafeteria and Food Service FAQ (updated 8/15/20)

Clinics, Transportation and Miscellaneous FAQ (updated 8/15/20)

Close contact reporting and tracking tool (updated 8/15/20)

From the School Nurse - Mask Up 101

Preparation for Positive Test- Higher Education

Back to School Health Recommendations (Updated 8/3/20)

Attendance, Waivers, and Immunizations (Updated 8/3/2020)

Cafeteria and Food Service FAQs (Updated 8/3/2020)

Clinics, Transportation, and Misc. Questions (Updated 8/3/2020)

Contact Tracing/Testing/Social Distancing/Quarantine Return to School (Updated 8/3/2020)

Masks and PPE in Schools (Updated 8/3/2020)

COVID-19 One Stop Shop Toolkits

3 Key Steps to Take While Waiting for Your COVID-19 Test Results (Updated 8/3/2020)

Event Planning & COVID-19: Questions and Answers

When a student, faculty or staff member can return to school

Indianas Considerations for Learning and Safe Schools In Class

IN Health Department: Environmental Steps to Reduce Indoor COVID-19 Transmission

COVID-19 Response Recommendations for Pools and Aquatics Facilities

ISDH Changes to the Campground Rule

IN COVID-19 and Public / Semi-public Swimming Pool Closures

Guidance for Wearing Face-Coverings in Public

Guidance for Food Safety

Guidance for Gatherings

Guidance for Pet Owners

From the White House Resources -

The President's Coronavirus Guidelines

Guidelines of Opening Up America Again

Breakdown of Guidelines of Opening Up America Again

Summer Camp Resources -

ACA - Camp Operations Guide Summer 2020

CDC - Updated considerations for Youth and Day Camp 5.19.2020

CDC - Considerations for Youth Sports

CDC Interim Guidance for Administrators of US K-12 Schools and Child Care Programs

ACA COVID-19 – Resource Center for Camps

ACN Communicable Disease Management in the Camp Setting

ACN Communicable Disease Plan (CDP)


RedWoods Institute Summer Camp Training

IN - “Youth Employment” Law Changes

CDC Guidance for Childcare

CDC Guidance for Schools

Indiana COVID-19 and Childcare Guidance

American Camp Assoc. COVID-19 Health and Wellness Resources

Camp Nurse Considerations for COVID-19 and camps

Gov. of Alaska COVID-19 Mandate on Childcare and Day Camps

Washington Township Park Summer Day Camp Programs



Cleaning & Safety Equipment -

Super Games Safety Items

How to reopen and promote safe use of playgrounds

Stand-alone Temperature Reading Kiosk

Face Shields

Instock - Disposable KN95 Particulate Respirator Mask – 50/Box

Midstate Recreation Sanitizing Station

Spear Corp WYSI WASH

Burke - Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Playground

Virex II 256 Disinfectant Cleaner

Botanical Disinfectant Solution

Matrix - Disinfecting Fitness Equipment Recommendation

Disinfectant Fogger


Miracle Cleaning and Sanitation Statement

Burke Playground Maintenance

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Resources -

CDC Cases & Latest Updates

CDC - Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings

CDC - Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cases of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the U.S.

UPDATED 5-27-20 CDC Considerations for Public Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds During COVID-19

UPDATED 5-27-2020 CDC COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings

CDC When You Can be Around Others After You Had or Likely Had COVID-19

CDC - Safety Practices for Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

CDC - Visiting Parks and Recreational Facilities

CDC COVID-19 Signage

LEAKED CDC proposed Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

CDC - Schools and Child Care Programs

CDC - Businesses & Workplace

CDC - Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

NPR - CDC Guidance For Reopening Schools, Child Care And Summer Camps Is Leaked

CDC Extended Hot Tub/Spa Closures

CDC Resources for Parks and Recreational Facilities

CDC Model Aquatic Health Code

CDC Guidance for Building Water Systems

CDC - Cleaning and Disinfecting Community Facilities

CDC - Guidance for Park Administrators

CDC COVID-19 Situation Summary

CDC Coronavirus Disease Information Hub

CDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection

CDC COVID-19 and Water Transmission

CDC Guide to Making Hand Washing Solution with Bleach

CDC Proper Operations for Public Pools

Water and COVID-19 FAQs

Cleaning & Disinfecting Playground Equipment

Preventing Spreading in Communities

Managing Community Events

Keeping the Workplace Safe

What To Do If You Are Sick

Children and Coronavirus Disease 2019

CARES Act Information -

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employer Paid Leave Requirements

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions and Answers

CARES Act Information: Forgivable Loans With Paycheck Protection Program

Payroll Credits and Deferral Options Provide Much Needed Relief

World Health Organization Resources -

World Health Organization Rolling Updates

Methods for Detection, Prevention, Response & Control

American Public Health Association Resources -

APHA Guide to Mitigating Harm

APHA Applauds House Legislation

National Recreation and Parks Association Resources -

NRPA - CDC Offers Guidance on Summer Youth Programs During COVID-19

New Recommendations from NRPA on beaches, farmers markets, dog parks, etc.

NRPA - Staff Training and Measures to Protect Staff and Public

NRPA - New COVID-19 Research Supports Time Spent Outdoors – How Will This Influence Local Parks and Recreation?

NRPA - Triage, Transition, Transformation

NRPA - Park and Recreation Professionals Are Essential — and We Have Permission to Dream

NRPA - The Essential Need for Park

NRPA's Path to Recovery

NRPA - Centering Health Equity in COVID-19 Response and Recovery Plans

NRPA - The Importance of Collaboration During COVID-19 — May Bonus Episode

NRPA - Virtual In-Service: What it Means and How it Works

NRPA - Aquatics Programming Goes Digital

A Park Planner’s Perspective on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus: What Impact Will COVID-19 Have on Parks and Recreation?

Keeping a Safe Physical Distance in Parks and on Trails During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NRPA - In Home "Recreation"

FEMA Emergency Declaration: Public Assistance for COVID-19 Financial Impacts

Continuity Planning and Emergency Management

How to Communicate to Your Public About Safe Use of Parks

CDC’s Face Covering Recommendation — Implications for Parks and Recreation

Self-Care in Uncertain Times: Boosting Staff Morale and Managing Stress During COVID-19

Park and Recreation Sites That Operate USDA Child Nutrition Programs

NRPA's Statement on Playgrounds and Play Structures During COVID-19 Pandemic

Joint Statement on Using Parks and Open Space While Maintaining Physical Distancing

Tips for Helping Older Adults Maintain Good Health at Home

What Does #PhysicalDistancingInParks Look Like?

Protecting Child Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19

NRPA News & Resources for the Field

NRPA Statement on Coronavirus Disease 2019

Additional Resources -

Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams - Fresh Water Statement

ACA - Interim Guidance on Aquatic Facilities Operations