Membership Types

Thank you four taking the time to consider becoming an Indiana Park and Recreation Association member. Annual membership is based on a calendar year, which begins every January 1st and ends in December 31. View the many different options below.

Park Agency Membership*

  • Category 1 (1-2 full-time employees, 1 board member) - $336
  • Category 2 (3-4 full-time employees, 1 board member) - $396
  • Category 3 (5 full-time employees, 1 board member) - $499

Any public park agency or municipal, county or state level organization providing park and recreation services. Sign-up here

Additional Professional: $88 per person (first 10)
Additional Professional: $80 per person (after the first 10)
Additional Board Member: $56 per person

Individual Membership*

Full-time Park & recreation professionals only. Sign-up here

  • Level 1 (Salary under $35,000 annually) - $116
  • Level 2 (Salary over $35,000 annually) - $136

Corporate Membership - $446*

Any company that works in the park and recreation industry. This includes three (3) corporate representatives. Sign-up here

Additional Representatives: $90 per person

Organization Membership - $165*

Academic institutions, military installations, non-profit agencies, and organizations providing parks, recreation & leisure services not covered under park agency membership. Includes five (5) members. Sign-up here

Additional Members: $58 per person

Student Membership - FREE*

Any full time student actively taking 12 hours. Sign-up here

Retired Membership - $41*

Individuals that previously held a professional membership who are retired from the field.
Sign-up here

Elected Official - $41*

Groups having appointed or elected commission or board members delivering park, recreation, or related services in Indiana. Sign-up here

* Any membership type notated with a * is based on a calendar-year renewal, which begins every January and ends in December.