IPRA Webinar Series

imageedit_4_5949339210.jpgYour time and budget are both limited.
Let us help!

IPRA’s webinar series brings experts in the field of parks and recreation to a computer near you. Our webinars address timely and relevant topics and allow an expanded list of options of educational opportunities without requiring travel time and expense. And, they are FREE to IPRA members!

Previous Webinars

Leaders Set the Tone
Andre Pichly, Director or Parks & Community Services - City of Tracy, CA
Lots of professionals aspire to be in leadership roles, but what does it take to be an effective leader - one who sets the tone for a program, division, or department? We’ll talk about those traits and how you can improve your leaderships skills and presence.

Park Design & Construction
Fred Prazeau, Context Design
Park design is both an art and a science. Join in the Park Design and Construction webinar, led by Landscape Architect Fred Prazeau from Context Design!
After participating in this webinar participants will be able to...

  • Identify the key components that go into a park schematic design and the public input process to develop an understanding of the future impact of operations, maintenance, and replacement costs
  • Examine construction and design documents related to park projects from a mid to high-level perspective
  • Apply important management techniques, involving both the design and construction phases of a park project, that are useful when evaluating the design from a recreation professional’s perspective and when taking into account human nature and use of the facility/amenity

What Should We Do? Identifying Our Community’s Needs
Austin Hochstetler, PROS Consulting
Being in tune with community needs drives successful agencies. However, there is more to it than the “build it and they will come” philosophy. We (PROS Consulting) are asked time and time again, “What is it that we should do?” Well, that is a hard question to answer because every community is different and that is why it is important to determine frameworks for identifying community needs. Both recreation programming and infrastructure are catered to the people we serve. Please join this discussion as we dive into frameworks that have shown to work around the country. Also, bring your ideas and what your agency is doing and add to the conversation!

Making the Political Process Work for You
Fred Prazeau, Context Design
Leon Younger, PROS Consulting
Steve Wolter, Eppley Institute of Parks & Public Lands
Power and influence are important tools used in leading park and recreation agencies at all levels. Understanding how one accrues and uses power to influence decision making is really understanding ‘politics’. This hour-long session will provide students with a basic understanding of politics, power, influence and the many ways that park and recreation agency leaders can use these to guide as operational practices in the political process.