IPRA Social Equity Series


Session 3: Rescheduled to Wednesday Nov. 16


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Mark your calendars for the upcoming IPRA Social Equity Series! The 2022 series will include 3 different sessions:

Session 1: DEI & Cultural Awareness (May 25, 2022)

Session 2: Bias and Perception (August 4, 2022)

Session 3: Microaggression (Rescheduled to 1pm Nov. 16, 2022)


For session 3, please join us with Tisha Reid, Senior Health Equity Analyst, Northeast Region, Purdue Healthcare Advisors as she will discuss Microaggression.

About the Speaker:

Tisha Reid serves as a Senior Health Equity Analyst for I-HOPE, a statewide opportunity designed to address the effects of health disparities for better health outcomes. As part of a regional Field Implementation Team, Tisha brings voices to the table to talk about innovative ways to better connect people with the support they need to get healthy and stay healthy. She works with stakeholders to reach communities who are at higher risk for health disparities and those who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic.


Thank you to all that joined us with Dr. Gina Forrest, MPH, Chief Culture Officer, Aspire Health Indiana, Inc. as she will discussed DEI & Cultural Awareness.

Session Description:

Why do you think the way you do? Where are you on your learning journey to increase your diversity, equity, and inclusion knowledge?

In this session, participants discussed the foundations of cultural awareness, and steps to take to ensure they progress on their learning journey.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Gina Forrest is a native Hoosier and wants to help our state become more healthy, inclusive, and welcoming. She graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington with a Master of Public Health and a PhD in Health Behavior, focusing on Health Inequities. Dr Gina has experience working with nonprofits and for-profit organizations and in academia. She is the proud mom of two young men, and in her spare time, she volunteers in her community with those experiencing homelessness and sex workers.


For session 2, please join us with Antoniette Holt, Director for the Office of Minority Health for the Indiana State Department of Health as she will discuss Bia and Perception.

About the Speaker:

Antoniette is considered an expert in her field and is often consulted and invited to provide valuable input on urgent matters that involve underserved communities within Indiana and the nation. She has been a guest orator at various local and national functions, conferences, and seminars in relation to minority health, health equity, and cultural diversity training. Not only has Ms. Holt committed her career to public health, but also, embraced the field through her education having a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, and Master in Public Health, both from Indiana University (Bloomington). She is in current pursuit of her doctorate degree. Learn more about Antoniette here.